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Sunlight, Skin and Vitamin D February 11, 2011

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sunlight and vitamin D

sunlight and vitamin D

Some basic tips to make your skin look healthy. Sunlight has got both good and bad effects on human skin. Here some of the points are discussed. Early morning sunlight is good for skin and it is a good source of Vitamin D which in-turn makes the bones and teeth stronger. Each cell and tissues in our body requires sunlight and Vitamin D. Some researches prove just 15 minutes exposure to early morning sun for at-least three to four days in a week would help the body to generate adequate Vitamin D. Sunlight on skin tends to produce a chemical called serotonin which performs various functions in our body. One of the major role of serotonin is maintaining the well-being and it is also known as ‘happiness hormone’. Eventually these changes in our body leads to healthy living.

However, there are some harmful effects of sunlight exposure on a day out.  Sunlight has a crucial element called ultra-violet radiation which harms the skin. Excessive exposure to sunlight, damages the skin which might result in chronic skin diseases. In such cases applying sunscreen lotion or sun block as well as clothes which prevent the skin from exposure would protect your skin from sunlight to some extent. These are some basic tips which helps to protect your skin.