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Brushing teeth – Few tips to keep your gums healthy February 12, 2011

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Now a day people do not have time to brush and most of them use mouth wash. These methods make the gums weaker and after a period of time gums get loosened which result gaps formation in between the teeth which end up in earlier tooth fall. To avoid all these a person need to spend at-least 5 minutes for brushing teeth in a day. If not in day, brushing teeth can be done every night before hitting your bed.

brushing teeth

brushing teeth


There are some simple techniques for brushing teeth. Firstly, hold the brush firmly and the tip of the brush must point towards gums. Gently apply pressure and move your brush in a circular motion in a way that must clean under your gums. But sometimes it might bleed and it will be painful, please don’t panic. It is a sign which tells you lot of micro- organisms (bacteria) reside under your gums. Brushing each teeth in and out in circular motion takes a bit of time but it give excellent outcome after few days.

Some important things must be noticed while following this technique. Apply pressure on the gums not the teeth and you must be able to lift up your gums while brushing. I know it is harder and painful to do that and definitely it will bleed. Also gums will be swollen but after a week time it will reduce and gums stop bleeding, will become healthier and catch hold of the teeth. Remember, healthy gums do not bleed.

This was a technique taught for me when I went for dental treatment. I thought it would be helpful, so shared it on my blog 🙂


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